You will often hear your mid-back called the Dorsal Spine or Thoracic Spine. All you ribs are attached to the 12 vertebrae in your Thoracic Spine. Pain hear can often mimic a heart attack. The vertebrae may be out of alignment (subluxated) and the nerve travels around to the chest along the rib. This can cause chest pain and then with the heightened awareness and fright that you may actually be having a heart attack a number of events are set off, faster breathing, increased pain, etc. Many people end up going to the hospital and have a EMG and told nothing is wrong. Well they are right, you are not having a heart attack but you wonder why you are still having pain in the chest. It is not unusual for a person to seek other Medical advice; just to told again that nothing is wrong. Well what the problem is in a number of these cases is you have a vertebral subluxation and the rib is also subluxated causing the pain. Dr. Mark McClure can give you a gentle adjustment of the spine and rib and help this condition.

Quite frankly neck or lower back pain is the most common but pain in the mid-back can be very painful and secretive in the damage that could be done to your internal organs. Besides a nerve going to a certain part of the body, there is also a corresponding nerve that will go to an internal organ. For example the 5th Thoracic vertebrae, (Which is 4 more down from the bump you can feel at the base of your neck) goes to the stomach. People with a subluxation at this level may frequently experience an upset stomach. Many patients have been treated with medication or told to stay away from certain food that are upsetting their stomach. Once again maybe they just need an adjustment to that area of their spine. It is not unusual for a patient to come in for treatment of a different condition and experience a decrease in symptoms of another condition such as stomach or intestinal problems and then ask us if anything we are doing is making their stomach or intestinal problems feel better. When you are getting Chiropractic treatment you may experience a sense of well being in many parts of your body.

Dr. Mark McClure
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