Beauty Grows on Trees


Neem Trees have been keeping women of India beautiful for thousands of years. These trees are located in a sub-Saharan village in Mauritania, West Africa. These trees live in a harsh climate and have giving them an amazing healing powers. The leaves, fruit, seeds and oils are used to create beauty products that provide healing and protective qualities to our skin.

Neem Lotions
8 oz. bottles, healing Neem extract, Jojoba and coconut oil, soothing and deeply moisturizing, For eczema and extremely dry skin. Currently carrying: Fragrance free, Wind & Sea, Lavender, Apricot Burst, African Gem, Green Tea. Call the office for more options: 513-423-7855
Neem Oil - Neem Cure

.33 oz., bottle with dropper, naturally antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-fungal, used extensively in Ayurvedic medicine, helps heal skin cuts, burns, bites, rich in vitamin E, infused with jojoba and tea tree oil, used for acne & athlete's foot, helps soothe eczema, psoriasis and rosacea.

Neem Soaps

Organic Soap, heal and restore your skin with our organic soaps. All our soaps contain African Neem and highest quality natural ingredients. Neem is naturally antibacterial, high in vitamin E, rich in emollients and fatty acids, and will soothe dry, stressed and damaged skin. They are all sulfate, paraben and phthalate free.

Currently carrying: Apricot Burst, African Gem, Green Tea

Neem Lip Balm

Lip Gleem - Lip Balm
.18 oz., Healing Neem extract, moisturizing Shea & mango butters, vitamin E, helps heal cold sores & chapped lips.
Dietary Supplements
Adios Outdoor Spray
(Bug Repellent)

4 oz. spray bottle, 100% natural, made with Neem oil, safe for children, very effective, long lasting, good for your skin.
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