Headaches can respond well with Chiropractic care but also respond very well with NRT. Throbbing… sharp or shooting pains…intense "gripping" pain…or even a dull, constant aching… all describe a painful headache. Although there are many kinds of headaches and reasons for them, one thing is clear: headaches can be troublesome, and at times, debilitating. More persons seek medical advice because of headaches more than any other complaint. People most likely to suffer a headache related to their neck or back are those whose professions involve constant postural strain such as: Beauticians – Telephone Operators – Machine and Vehicle Operators – Construction/Assembly Line Workers Typists/Computer Operators – Dentists – Hygienists, etc.

At McClure Chiropractic Center we are skilled in providing expert care for your neck and back – which are often associated with certain types of headaches. I have treated many personally with good results. A gentle adjustment to the spine can decrease muscle spasm (which causes pain) and to help restore normal mobility to the affected area. The increased mobility is believed to promote circulation. This in turn aids in the proper nutrition of the joints and spine, thereby decreasing irritation, inflammation and pain.

Migraine Headaches
  • One sided pain associated with nausea and often vomiting
  • Pain can be moderate but most often severe
  • Throbbing sensation, sometimes described as a pulse
  • Light, sound and/or touch increases the pain
  • Many people describe they see visual aura
Tension Headaches
  • Steady pain that caps your scalp
  • Mild to moderate pain
  • Tension in your neck and head
  • Mild light or sound sensitivity
Cluster Headaches
  • Pain in the forehead or around the eyes
  • Excruciating pain
  • Penetrating, non-throbbing pain
  • A series of headaches
  • Watery swollen eyes

Dr. Mark McClure
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