Looks like you've been in an automobile mishap. I hope you and any passengers with you are on the mend, and that any car repairs are complete.

Since I help a lot of folks who have been injured in motor vehicle accidents, I'd like to share some information you should know.
  1. Not only does your car insurance pay for your car to be restored to its original condition, it also covers the costs associated with seeking health care in my office.

  2. Many people minimize the damage they've suffered because their car has been hardly damaged. Research shows that in low-impact collisions, since the car sustains a relatively modest damage, energy instead is transferred to the occupants!

  3. Because you and I are so adaptive, it can take weeks, months and sometimes years for undetected spinal damage to show up as chronic headaches, backaches, stiff neck or even low back pain. If you're not suffering from these problems now, keep us in mind later, when they appear.

  4. If you've never benefited from today's safe and natural chiropractic care before, you'll especially enjoy my office. I take the time to answer your questions, explain what we've found and offer choices.
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pain from an auto accident

Dr. Mark McClure
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